Friday, April 25, 2014

Book 1 is Out!

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Anyone who has been following my saga of getting "Avram, Thief of Catland" out the door for people to read may understand that I'm happier that it is done than that I was able to do it, if that makes sense.

It's a fun read, historical adventure with a number of twists and characters with issues. It is available for download here, where you can learn more about the characters and plot.

I've sold some copies, a goal I've always had. Everything else is gravy, this was never a money-making scheme. "Avram, Thief of Catland" was one of those projects that you sometimes just have to do, regardless of the outcome.

There will be sequels. I say "will" because they already are in a second-draft phase. When I polish them off will depend on a number of factors, including whether there is any interest shown in them. They are coming out, though, one way or the other. One of those projects....

If you do read it - let me know what you think.

Monday, March 24, 2014

Book Description

Avram, Thief of Catland

Join us for a wild ride in this historical fiction of Egypt during the age of the Pharaohs!

Avram Was Born to Steal

Avram is a young thief, the best of his generation. With no time for friendship or normal teenage pursuits, Avram has set his sights on the greatest prize in the City - the sacred, closely guarded treasure of shadowy ruler Absidian. The heavily guarded temple is patrolled at all hours by the dreaded katkas, fierce beasts who devour their enemies whole. For Avram, though, it is but a simple exercise in surprise and stealth - until things go horribly wrong.

But The Treasure is a Mirage

Stealing the treasure is one thing, but Avram soon learns that escaping it is quite another. He is stunned to find that his prize is not gold or jewels, but merely a drink within an ornate, strangely shaped bottle. With nothing left to lose, he imbibes - and strange things start happening, things that he could not foresee, and which dramatically alter his physical form... forever.

Now He's On the Run

Pursued by the evil Abidian and her herd of snarling katkas, Avram has only two options: flee, or perish. Escaping on a passing ship, he leaves his home behind, heading into the unknown barbarian world. Avram now is ageless and timeless, condemned to spend eternity on the run until he can find a way to defeat Absidian and reverse the effects of the potion.

Come Along for Action and Adventure in the Egypt of Long Ago

In this first volume of a planned multi-part series, we view the ancient world from a unique perspective, that of a man who befriends the powers of ancient Egypt and instigates the construction of the Great Pyramid. Avram and his mysterious friend Ubie must always evade demons unleashed by the relentless Absidian, always only a step behind.

Meet our characters:

Avram: son of a simple man who turned the wrong way at an early age, and now is living to regret it.

Absidian: the powerful queen of the City, a woman desperate for knowledge accidentally gained by Avram when he imbibed the potion and who will stop at nothing to capture him.

Ubie: A devastated, lonely soul, Ubie is a young woman who suffered the cruelest of torments by Absidian. Now, she only wants to hide from the world and live out her endless days alone in the temple precinct of an abandoned desert city - until Avram stumbles into her life and changes everything.

Minos: Absidian's henchman, a huge man with the brain of a child, always at the beck and call of Absidian but - perhaps - possessing an inherently gentle heart.

Khufu: leader of an ancient civilization, thrust into that role by the assassination of his father Sneferu, Khufu is a towering figures of the ancient world and the key to Avram's adventure in Egypt.

Merrer: A simple carver, Merrer meets Avram and unveils hidden talents that lead to the creation of the greatest historical mysteries of all time.

Ranefer: Khufu's older brother, passed over for the throne and determined to avenge himself upon the royal family.

Heppy: A lost soul, once a man but condemned by Absidian to life in a pit of death as a lizard, Heppy stands ready to aid Ubie in her hour of greatest need.

Dino: Adrift at sea, lost and near death, Ubie looks over the side and spies Dino, a passing sea creature who may solve all her problems.

"Avram, Thief of Catland" is historical science fiction based upon Egyptian mythology and still-unknown historical mysteries. A dark fantasy novel, this historical adventure hews closely to actual events that still mystify the world. Along with Avram's adventures in Egypt, accompany him on his adventures in romance with Ubie and their historical time travel romance.